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Host of Can We Talk, Cheryl Cook

Cheryl Cook is from Miami, 1958. After graduating high school, she started a court reporting business with her mother Peggy, in South Florida. They sold the business in 1998 to a national company after which Cheryl moved to South County Sarasota in 2002. After a four-year stint in local government, she was asked by KDW station manager RJ Mallory to start a series of radio programs.

Can We Talk is a reflection of her experiences growing up “back in the day,” and the complications that have brought Southern Florida to where it is now. She says, “Just by osmosis, you understood you were ensconced in one of God’s most rarified environments. People came and went, scammers, ne’er-do-wells and flimflam artists. Bigger than life characters who added to the allure. Some stayed. Some cared. Some made a difference, for better or worse. But through it all, there remains the mystery below Lake O”

In Below Lake O I recreate the life that permeates my DNA; where we are now, how we got here and where we are headed-through interviews with people who lived the history, live in these times, ponder the problems, analyze the data and offer solutions. Join me as I travel up and down both coasts, explore the Keys and visit everywhere in between, below Lake O and ask the question Can We Talk? And remember: Your place is where your face is, protect, conserve and preserve.

Thanks for being part of the journey.  For more information contact Cheryl at: For a listing of times, check the programming guide.

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