TMTR S2 Episode 8: The Sun On a Spot

TMTR S2 Episode 8: The Sun On a Spot


Description: Episode 8, The Sun On a Spot.

During an impromptu outing with JULIE, JOE encounters more ghosts from his past, leaving him emotionally vulnerable with the one person who can always make him smile. Will JOE be able to uphold the “Best Friend Code?”

Music:  More Than She Needs, Just Be (The Mannequins), Too Much toRemember, Make Superman Cry, Misunderstood, You Never Knew, PeanutButter Pie, When Julie Smiles (BudaRest)

Joe: Dino Bizzarro, Kevin/Robert LeClerc: Atli Reynolds, Julie: VeronicaYealy, Matt: Luke Konke, Young Joe: Natasha Breeding, John: BudBuckley, Jacqueline: Jax Resto. Pete: John Alpaugh. With special guest Gale West as Mrs. Somers. Also starring Kelsey Mandel, AngelaLawson, Lou Harvey, Joseph Giglia, Wesley Breeding. Ed Vinson announces.

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