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Pet TV
Everetts’s Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show and Blog


Robbin and Joseph Everett are animal advocates, pet lifestyle experts and pet trendologists. The dynamic duo has been entertaining the masses in the pet new media market place since 2008, starting with a web TV show.  

Laughter and useful pet related information are always on tap when they are broadcasting, further engaging their audience via new media. They are centers of influence with a knack for touching the listeners’ hearts and gaining a loyal fan base.’s Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show Programming

The Everetts cover a broad range of animal related topics including unusual current news and useful pet care information pertaining to pet health and well-being.  

Guests on the show include a wide variety of subject matter experts:

    • Veterinarians discussing the dangers of canine influenza, pet oral health and nutrition,
    • Celebrity pets including the lovable dog Baby, a cancer survivor, from the movies, “Sex in The City” I & II,
    • Celebrities with a cause including adoption advocates and Playboy Playmates, The Barbi Twins as well as Dylan Lauren, daughter of famous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, Animal Planet’s “Cat Daddy”, Jackson Galaxy,
    • Pet advocates and rescue groups including interviews from the Amazon Cares Director and volunteers live from the Amazon jungle,


  • New York Times bestselling authors such as Larry Levin who wrote Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love and Seth Casteel, Underwater Dogs,


  • Innovative pet product inventors, pet behavior specialists for cats and dogs, and the trendiest pet bloggers.

Additional information about the Talent and Team, The Pet Lifestyle Authorities at

  Joseph Everett and Robbin Everett, Co-founders and Co-Creators

Joseph Everett is a 30-year veteran of Fire and Rescue Services.  He retired from the Hackensack Fire Department as a Lieutenant with honors recognized by the NJ Governors office. He maintained a dual career in the engineering field.   Joe has learned to grab life, enjoying every moment after a horrific fire in which his entire crew perished.  He now motivates people and advocates for pets while keeping people smiling.  He has rescued multiple pets from certain death and will tell you even the meanest dog will puppy kiss you in thanks for saving his life.

Robbin has worked in high levels of corporate America for over 30 years. She spent her youth working in a veterinary hospital and after 9/11, decided to pursue her life-long goal of training horses.  After several years of horse training, enjoying equestrian sports and understanding the mystical bond of horses and people, Robbin and Joe met, only to further their passion for helping pets and pet owners with

Chachala Rose Everett, Product Tester

Chachala is an outspoken talking Chihuahua who regularly barks the words, “NO, NO!” when she doesn’t agree with the agenda at hand.  She enjoys ham, girly-girl fashion, furry-squeaky toys and watching TV.

Philomena Acela Everett, Product Tester

Philomena is a Miniature Pinscher who loves to run at the speed of light.  She is fond of doggie tee shirts and comfortable sweaters, but she has a secret passion for rhinestones and frilly dresses. She enjoys meat-sauce, games and snuggling with her paw-rents.