Hosted by Bud Buckley

Artistic Mashup

Artistic Mashup covers mashing of the arts with diverse interviews from around the country.

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Hosted by RJ Malloy

Irish Music and Tradition

Highlighting Irish culture, music and news.

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Hosted by Leo Herbert

Moments to Remember

Join Leo for Moments to Remember. He will feature music from 1940 through 1955 including Big Band.

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Hosted by Kim Galloway


Facets explores a wide range of genres from pop to blues, progressive rock to old school soul, folk, jazz and rock-n-roll.

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Hosted by Marie LaBrosse

Behind the Doors

Marie hosts "Exposed - Behind the Doors". An eye-opening journey into the creative world of art.

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Hosted by Ruth & Randy

How North Port Grows

Introduces listeners to local business owners & city leaders.

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Hosted by E.B. Lewis

Stormy Mondays - Jazz

E.B. shares his extensive collection of historical jazz.

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Hosted by Joe Morea

The Oldies

The Oldies Guy, Joe Morea specializes in the Doo Wop sound from the 50s and 60s.

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Hosted by Dominic Cretacci

Listen To The Music

Interviews with local entertainment

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Hosted by Steve Ulrey

Music Around Town

Listen to local musicians that play and live right here in Southwest Florida.

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Hosted by Diane Byrnes

Echoes of Erin

All Things Irish

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Hosted by Meredith Jo Mischen

The Suncoast Maven

The Suncoast Maven brings you food, menu and entertaining tips along with local events, and juicy tales from around town.

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Hosted by Jennifer Huber

Adventures Near & Far

Jennifer Huber is a WKDW radio host, who volunteers for the only real-community-radio station located in North Port, Florida.

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Hosted by Pamela Jones

Tropical Tarot & Beyond

Professional Tarot card reader Pamela Jones has provided Tarot entertainment for more than a decade.

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Hosted by Barbie Lee Bobo

New Song

Barbie Lee's desire is when you listen to music you feel blessed. We live in a hectic world & need to stop & reflect on the gift of life.

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Directed by Jax Resto

Resto Radio Theater

Resto Radio Theater is a one-of-a-kind radio theater with humor, drama and local music from a young-talented cast.

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Hosted by Paul Fazzina

Friday Night Folk

Paul Fazzina is a WKDW radio host, who volunteers for the only real-community-radio station located in North Port, Florida.

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Hosted by The Everetts

Pet TV

The Everetts cover a broad range of animal related topics including unusual current news and useful care information pertaining to pet health and well-being.

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Hosted by Margaret Germain

Building Peace

Building Peace promotes the philosophy that peace is something that happens at the individual and local level.

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Hosted by Pastor Sal

Ask Pastor Sal

Pastor Sal LoPriore is a Christian Speaker, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Life Coach and Author.

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Hosted by Gale West

Gale West Show

Gale is heard almost every day, interviewing local business owners, non-profits serving the SWF community and home-based business owners.

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Hosted by Rich Suggs

Shop Local

Rich discusses local businesses, economic conditions, social media tips and concerns to educate businesses.

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Hosted by Cheryl Cook

Can We Talk

Can We Talk is a reflection of her experiences growing up "back in the day," and the complications that have brought Southern Florida to where it is now.

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Hosted by Marie LaBrosse

Tales from the Past

History!!! Scandal, intrigue, corruption..the good, the bad, and the ugly. History is interpreted through the storyteller's view.

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Hosted by Sparky Bobo

When I Succeed

Interviews with local successful folks who have interesting careers and histories. They will talk about their successes in life, work, and helping others.

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Hosted by Pat Petersmark

Chat With Pat

Chat With Pat gives people an opportunity to keep informed and let people know how they can get involved.

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Hosted by Loretta Martin

Writers On The Air

Authors Reading Their Work On The Air

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Hosted by Dave Krieger

City Spotlight

Special Edition

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Hosted by Mike Shlasko

Suncoast Democrats

Here on the People’s Politics, we are the Suncoast Democrats.

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Hosted by Mariann and Ron

Indivisible Radio

Indivisible Radio sheds light on and explores political and social issues under the Trump administration.

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