WTMS S1 Episode 1 The Elephants Stink

WTMS S1 Episode 1 The Elephants Stink

The premiere of When the Music Stops
Tired of being cooped up on the fifth floor of Madison Square Garden, young daredevil Nick wonders if the elephants stink more than usual, or if as his mom Jeni insists, they’ve just been in one place too long. As Jeni sets off to perform her aerial with husband Krzysztof, Nick prepares to assume his role as spotter underneath their act. But, he can’t stop thinking about beautiful teeterboard acrobat Magdalena and the clandestine meeting she proposed behind the wardrobe boxes near Clown Alley to give him her special present. Find out how this single event will impact Nick’s life for many years to come.

Starring Luke Konke as Nick, Michael Vena as Krzysztof Piotrowski and Ben Kraus, Rebecca Roberts as Jeni Messina Piotrowski, Michael White as Alexis Dimitri, John Meyers as Trevor the clown, Alan Marsden as Ringmaster Denny Rowan, and Meghan Strope as Magdalena and Sylviana Kovaczevi.

Theme song The Music Stops written by Jax Resto and Bri Hays and performed by FM2 (Joelle Davis/vocals, Dominic Alto/guitar, Bri Hays/bass, Patrick Clark/drums).

Also featuring music by The Mannequins (John Patek, Jax Resto).




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