WTMS S1 Episode 13 (Season Finale) – I Was Wrong

After another tragic loss, Nick struggles through the final shows of the season…as well as his circus career.

Music by:

Bill Vinhage, and The Mannequins

Theme song The Music Stops performed by FM2.

Starring the voices of:

Luke Konke, Michael Vena, Meghan Strope, Michael White, and Alan Marsden

Season 1 included music by: Bill Vinhage, Mallory Moyer, Carey Chaney, Rob Garcia, and The Mannequins. Theme song written by Jax Resto and Bri Hays, was peformed acoustically by Joelle Davis and Bri Hays  and electrically by FM2.

Starring the voices of:

Luke Konke

Michael Vena

Meghan Strope

Rebecca Roberts

Tatiana Olazabal

Michael White

Alan Marsden

Donna Watson

Neil Levine

Susan Moyer

Charlie Kotsaftis

Dwight Sullivan

John Meyers

Kelly Meyers

Bethany Brandt

James Levell

 Stay tuned for Season 2 of When the Music Stops.


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