WTMS S1 Episode 8 Superstars

WTMS S1 Episode 8 Superstars

Distraught over Nick’s leaving and angry that he lied to her, Magdalena seeks comfort elsewhere.

Featuring music by:

Mallory Moyer (Silence)
The Mannequins (More Than She Needs – featuring Joelle Davis on lead vocals)
Rob Garcia –  Get Up
Bill Vinhage – Disappear
FM2 performs theme song The Music Stops
Joelle Davis and Bri Hays performing acoustic version

Starring the voices of Luke Konke, Michael Vena, Tatiana Olazabal, Alan Marsden, Meghan Strope, Charlie Kotsaftis, James Levell, Dwight Sullivan, Neil Levine, and Donna Watson.

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